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The Tripartite Man

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28th October 2007

The Tripartite Man

Martin's Zender's discourse is excellent, and I'll just add some extra points on our tripartite man in this note.

I would differ with him on the state of the soul after death. I think it is intimately linked to the spirit. Remember that the writer of Ecclesiastes was always specific: "Under the sun" -- it is the perspective of a man limited by his senses. So he tells us what he observes from the standpoint of
this earth life. There is so much more "beyond the sun" (outside the sphere of physical creation) that he couldn't know!

Christ said: "If I tell you of heavenly things how can you believe?" (John 3:12) There are things that are very hard to take in about the Spiritual World.

Adam's spirit "died" the day he ate of the fruit. It became "un-linked" to God's Spirit. Unable to sense His presence acutely. Unable to respond to His Life. This is Death.

Hence men who are dead in spirit, are still very much alive in body and soul. Others may also have a
similitude of spirit-life when their God-unresponsive spirits respond to the dark spirits; but theirs is also dead.

"Spirit" is needed to communicate with God. The "soul" holds the body and spirit together. The closest illustration I can give is "Russian dolls" that are specifically moulded to contain each other. So the body is moulded to contain a soul. The soul is moulded to contain a spirit. These dimensions are not related to our physical dimensions, nor are the locations. Part of the soul, called the mind, is linked to the body via the brain. A spirit can not exist in a body alone because their mouldings won't fit directly. There MUST be a soul. The soul is life to the body, for it is the link to the spirit. When this link is broken, it is death. Without the responsive spirit - we are spiritually dead.

Though a soul comes about by the joining of spirit and body, the spirit also has it's own peculiar consciousness that carries all the deeds done by the body and the soul. It is
this that returns to God. It carries with it all that it has experienced on the earth-plane.
Greg Van Arsdale gave an illustration that is very good in this connection. (His website is being re-designed . These are some things gleaned from the 2004 version of his site, which is currently unavailable except through digging into internet archives.)

He uses the radio signal and radio to illustrate the soul/mind and brain, respectively. The brain is the “radio for the soul”, is how he puts it.

He suggests that the spirit and soul can be described metaphorically as the two distinct waves that exist in a radio signal: the carrier wave and the signal wave. The signal wave is what you hear when the radio is tuned; the carrier wave’s job is to “carry” it.

Furthermore he states that, “the brain can only respond to a stimulus, it never generates a stimulus.” The soul is the driving power for the brain. “As living souls, we are forced to sense the atomic world through our brains which acts more like a filter than a host.” Again he says, “as long as your radio is operable it manifests the intelligible signal of the soul to the listening world. It can only do this one station at a time.”

If the brain gets damaged, such as in genetic or chemical disorders, it will have trouble manifesting its signal (generated by the soul) to the outside world. The person’s consciousness is still there completely unaffected, only now it is now been processed by malfunctioning neural circuits which distort the person’s thoughts and emotions.

“The soul may drive the body to life, but the spirit gives that life self-awareness. As human beings, we possess all three forms of energy: atomic, spirit, and soul. We are the only beings beside God Himself to possess this image. Animals have body and ethereal soul. That, in itself, is a balanced combination of energies, but it’s not human.”

These illustrations still pale in comparison to the reality, but it helps us begin to understand our unique selves just a little more. Maybe you’ll now understand why the Scripture says, “For the word of God
is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart”. (Heb 4:12)

It is difficult to separate the two, except by the Word.

Also see Dr. Jones' notes on this:
Spritual & Mental Logic




Soul is NOT Spirit. Nor is "spirit" the same as the "soul".

Oxygen is the typification of spirit. Blood is the typification of soul. The Scripture says that, "the life of the flesh is in the blood." (Lev 17:11) Hence the reason Christ made that statement in John 6:53.

So as oxygen is contained in the blood stream, so also is spirit contained in the soul; yet not limited to it. Blood devoid of oxygen leads to physical death. Oxygen devoid of blood, also leads to physical death. Both are inseperably linked. So also is soul and spirit; this is how they both pass on after physical death -- joined together. This is why people who've had NDE's have all their faculties intact; why they can remember things they had forgotten while alive; why babies "bodies" are "fixed" in heaven.

The physical things of oxygen and blood are but parallels to the ethereal things we can not discern with instrumental analysis. The ethereal is however more real than what we humans presently seem to only perceive.

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